Tax Strategy

Tax Strategy

As part of our wealth management, we develop a tax-planning strategy.

We don’t like overpaying the IRS and neither do our clients, so we help you minimize your lifetime tax liability while maximizing your wealth. 

Our tax-planning strategies focus on:

  • Taking advantage of  possible tax opportunities when giving to charity, such as qualified charitable distributions or gifting stock
  • How to reduce taxes on IRAs with large balances.
  • How to avoid overpaying taxes on non-qualified accounts (i.e., brokerage, individual, joint, or trust accounts) with large balances
  • How to use Roth conversions to save on taxes
  • Retirement distributions, such as RMDs, Social Security timing, and advising on which retirement account to pull from first

We’re here to help you maximize your assets and minimize your tax liabilities. Take the first step today.

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