About Wichita Wealth Management

About Us

Wichita Wealth Management is based in Wichita and is a fiduciary, financial planning firm serving clients in Wichita and throughout much of the state of Kansas. 

We provide a broad range of financial planning services, retirement planning, and investment management for clients whose finances range from simple to very complex. As a fee-only firm, Wichita Wealth never receives a commission or other remuneration from any third party, which removes potential conflicts of interest.

We specialize in working with clients who are retired, about five years from retirement, or who are facing significant life decisions and need guidance. We also work well with clients who are charitably inclined and enjoy giving back to their churches, ministries, and communities.


We Are A Proud Member of:

Our Team

Johnathan R. Harner, CFP®

Owner, Financial Advisor

Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA


Margaret M. Stukey

Administrative Assistant

Our Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to Add Value to Everyone We Come into Contact With.

This includes clients, prospective clients, vendors and service providers. For clients and prospective clients, this means that we strive to put clients’ needs first and do what is best for them. We make every effort to listen, ask good questions and understand clients’ needs, wants and dreams and look at life through their eyes.

When we meet with a prospective client for the first time at the Get Acquainted Meeting, it is very easy to determine whether we have accomplished our mission. The primary question we ask ourselves after the meeting is not: “Did the prospect become a client?” Or, “Did we close the deal?” On the contrary, the question is: “Did we add value to the prospective client?” We find this approach more enjoyable for both the prospective client and for us! (See “Client Intake Forms Never Tell the Whole Story” for the story of one prospective client.)

Strategy to Accomplish Our Mission

Deliver financial peace of mind for life's journey.

Our approach/method to accomplish our strategy is fiduciary, fee-only wealth management and financial planning delivered objectively, professionally, independently and with integrity. We strive to minimize potential conflicts of interest so that clients can be confident we are working for their best interests.

What do the Oregon Trail and Wealth Management have in common?

I see many parallels between the Oregon Trail and Wealth Management. The client is the wagon owner and Wichita Wealth Management is the trail guide. Clients have a destination they want to reach and need an experienced professional to guide them along the way. Clients tells us where they want to go, when they want to leave and when they want to get there. We guide them along the way and help them reach their destination.


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