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About Wichita Wealth Management

We are a fiduciary, financial planning firm serving clients in Wichita and throughout much of the state of Kansas. We provide a broad range of financial planning services, retirement planning, and investment management for clients whose finances range from simple to very complex.

Our Services

We specialize in working with clients that are either retired or within five years of retirement who are interested in tax planning, charitable giving, and ensuring their investments are ready for retirement.

Investment Management

Through our investment management services, we help you minimize fees, reduce taxes, and balance protecting your investments with positioning them for growth.

Tax Minimization

Tax planning includes everything from timing your Social Security distributions to minimizing capital gains. Learn more about our tax-minimization strategies.

Retirement Planning

Retirement is the biggest financial decision you’re going to make. Let’s build a plan sooner rather than later and make course corrections as we go.

Charitable Gifting

We help ensure you’re taking advantage of all the tax opportunities of your charitable gifts.

Our Process

Wichita Wealth Management (WWM) provides fiduciary, fee-only wealth management services to individuals, families and small businesses. Wealth Management is an on-going process whereby we manage the client's investment portfolio and provide support for all things financial. The initial process to set up and fund accounts usually takes from two to six weeks.

Initial Interview

A discovery phone call or email to determine if we should meet in person.

Discovery Meeting

An initial meeting to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Commitment Meeting

Review goals, complete paperwork, set up new accounts.

On-Going Wealth Management

Move towards financial peace of mind.

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