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Wealth Management Participants/Interactions


Processes/Interactions Between Participants

In summary, it is important to note the following:

  1. Wichita Wealth Management, Shareholders Service Group and Pershing LLC are overseen by different regulatory agencies.
  2. Wichita Wealth Management never has custody of the client's assets/investments. If, for instance, a client were to submit a check for investment made out to WWM, we would have to return it because it would mean we would have custody of client assets, which we cannot do. Checks for investment must be made out to Pershing LLC.
  3. It is important to note that every transaction has to be processed by three distinct and non-affiliated entities. See Why Bernie Madoff Would Not Work Here to better understand the importance of this fact.
  4. Transfers of client assets, investments and cash are always processed through Pershing LLC, the custodian of the client's assets. WWM has no part in the actual transaction.