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by Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA, CFP®
February 20, 2018
"Corrections are an important part of a free-market enterprise system. If we didn't have corrections from time-to-time when the market gets overheated, worse consequences would happen over the long haul."
Market Correction 2/9/2018
by Carly Willis
KSN News, Channel 3
February 9, 2018
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"It's always good to be concerned about what is going on in the market. But right now those fears are a little overblown. …"

by Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA, CFP®
September 9, 2015
"Don't get me wrong … I am concerned about participating in the next bear market and the associated emotional stress and paper losses of say 20% or 30%. However, I am more concerned and focused on staying in the market so that I don't miss out on the potential 200% or 250% increase in the next bull market."
Financial Advisor IQ
September 19, 2014
"This week FA-IQ interviewed Jeff Stukey … [and he] recalls a perfect client-onboarding form — and explains why he stopped using it … 'Connecting on an emotional level [versus just data gathering with a form] is one of the best things about being an advisor.'"
Loss of Child Daycare Tax Credit to Affect Many in Kansas
by Sia Nyorkor
KWCH News, Channel 12
December 31, 2012
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"Financial planner Jeff Stukey says the average taxpayer is unaware of the big changes …"

Fiscal cliff threatens to hurt charities
by Erica Coghill
KSN News, Channel 3
December 27, 2012
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"'If we have the arbitrary spending cuts of 8 to 10 percent across the board, that means there will be less money given out, and to charities,' said Jeff Stukey …"

by Emily Behlmann
Wichita Business Journal
October 26, 2012
"Jeff Stukey, owner of Stukey Financial Planning, says investors might want to tweak their portfolios based on election results, but that a general investment strategy should be determined by an individual's goals, not politics."
by Ingela Ratledge
Real Simple
October 2012
"'When someone writes a check, she expects it to be cashed immediately,' says Jeff Stukey, owner of Stukey Financial Planning …"
Advertising Spot
Suze Orman's Money Class
KPTS Wichita Public TV
June 2012

Stukey Financial Planning brings Suze Orman to KPTS.

by Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA, CFP®
Monthly Focus
October 2011
"In spite of the many challenges we have faced as a nation, the overwhelming historical trend for the Market has been upward. From the market low in 1949 …"
by Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA, CFP®
January 2009
"Spend less than you make. This is the single, most important thing you can do …"
by Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA, CFP®
The Wichita Eagle
May 29, 2008
"According to the traditional metaphor regarding retirement funding, Social Security, pensions and personal savings/investments make up the three legs of the retirement stool. Just like this metaphor, our approach as a nation toward retirement funding is out-of-date."
by Jeffory L. Stukey, MBA, CFP®
The Wichita Eagle
May 13, 2008
"We have become a nation that believes we can enjoy constant economic growth with no pain. Not only do we expect prosperity, but we expect a constantly increasing level of prosperity."

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