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Financial Planning Topics

Following is a list of Financial Planning Topics that are available as part of a Financial Plan or as-needed advice.

  1. Develop retirement plan
    • Develop accumulation strategy for retirement funding
    • Develop distribution strategy for use during retirement
    • Determine retirement age
    • Determine life expectancy
    • Develop Social Security strategy
    • Determine current spending
    • Determine retirement spending
  2. Determine goals: e.g. savings, vehicle purchase, travel, home improvement, college funding, financial commitments to others, etc.
  3. Determine health insurance pre-Medicare and post-Medicare goals*
  4. Develop financial snapshot/statement of net worth
  5. Review tax return*
  6. Review paystub and employee benefits
  7. Analysis and advice for employer-sponsored retirement plan
    • 401k Defined Contribution Plan
    • 403b Defined Contribution Plan
    • TSA Tax-Sheltered Annuity Plan
    • 457 Defined Contribution Plan
    • 401a Defined Contribution Plan
    • PSP Profit Sharing Plan
    • MPPP Money Purchase Pension Plan
    • TSP Thrift Savings Plan
    • ESOP Employee Stock Ownership Plan
    • Cash Balance Plan
  8. Employer-sponsored pension plan analysis and advice
  9. Rollover of retirement funds analysis and advice
  10. IRA and Roth funding analysis and advice
  11. Roth conversion analysis and advice
  12. Minimizing income tax analysis and advice*
  13. Develop emergency fund strategy
  14. Review estate plan*
  15. Annuity analysis and advice*
  16. Review credit report
  17. Home mortgage and other liabilities analysis and advice
  18. Life insurance, long-term care and long-term disability needs analysis and advice*
  19. Small business retirement plan analysis and advice
  20. Caring for an aging parent's investments
  21. Determine cost basis for non-qualified accounts*
  22. Career change planning
  23. Planning for spouse quitting work
  24. Lifestyle downsizing planning
  25. Financial issues relating to divorce
  26. Funding child's wedding
  27. Charitable options analysis and advice
  28. Business succession planning
  29. Starting a new business

*WWM does not prepare tax returns, determine cost basis or prepare estate-planning documents. If required, these services are provided by other professionals for a fee. WWM gives advice on insurance, but does not sell insurance products. Insurance products are purchased from an insurance agent, who typically earns a commission on the policy/contract.